Charles Band Interviews Tom On His New Podcast Full Moon Freakshow

This is kind of cool – iconic filmmaker, producer, director, and all-around horror madman Charles Band has thrown his hat into the podcast ring and is now offering up tasty little interviews with horror royalty so you know, one of the first guests on this show had to be none other than Tom.

Band releases the interviews as an audio podcast, which you can stream through whatever podcast software you use – but, he also releases them as a vidcast – which to watch you must subscribe to his Full Moon Features streaming service – I’ll have a link for you at the bottom of this article so you can subscribe but first – check out this little piece of the interview where Tom talks about working with George and a little bit about Night 90.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite – You can, and should CLICK HERE and you can listen to the entire interview – which is honestly some must-listen stuff.

Now – if you want to watch the entire interview – you’re going to have to subscribe to Full Moon Features which is really a fantastic stand-alone streaming service that features everything and anything Full Moon related. CLICK HERE and click on the Subscribe button on the top right side and pick your plan – they are always running amazing signup incentives too so – head on over and get in on that Full Moon action.

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