Celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of CREEPSHOW All Year Long With This Amazing 2023 Planner

I have long loved these yearly planners from The Stephen King Catalog. They are always of the highest quality and full of amazing articles, pictures, and behind-the-scenes trivia. And on top of all that – they are a useful calendar and planner.

Every year has a theme – and for 2023 they have chosen a film near and dear to any true fan of Tom Savini – CREEPSHOW.

So, what all might be in this thing of beauty you ask? Read on and learn.


Hardcover at 200 pages!

Stephen King Annual 

with Calendar.


Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of CREEPSHOW!


-Paul Gagne’s rare CREEPSHOW film coverage from 1982.

-LOST CREEPSHOW – FIRST PUBLICATION! Artist Kelley Jones began creating “The Raft” by Stephen King for a Creepshow 2 comic book for Marvel Comics in 1986. 

-CREEPSHOW Beginnings – Tyson Blue delves into producer, director, writer, and makeup effects wizard, Greg Nicotero!

-Theresa Carle-Sanders THE BODY Blueberry Pie Recipe – Chef Theresa, who published the Castle Rock Kitchen Cookbook with Stephen King.

Adriene Barbeau Interview – Author Andrew Rausch speaks to the iconic actress from the original CREEPSHOW!

-Stephen Langford Interview– Author Andrew Rausch interviewed Mr. Langford who’s written three episodes for the new Creepshow series.

-Creepshow Seasons Overview + the Specials! – Dave Hinchberger tackles all three seasons of the Creepshow series!

-Bev Vincent’s Annual Stephen King Review of 2022 King goings on, releases, and what to expect in 2023!

-James Cole reviews the 2022 FIRESTARTER film remake.

-RARE CREEPSHOW PHOTOS! Previously unpublished version of the Stephen King, George Romero, and Tom Savini photos! 

-Stephen Spignesi reviews the GWENDY trilogy!

-Anthony Northrup’s article on the world of Creepshow and the fandom surrounding it.

Cover and interior art by Award-winning Maine artist, Glenn Chadbourne.

With trivia, quizzes, quotes, facts, and informative articles covering the graphic novel, films, and TV shows, featuring Stephen King, artists, director, actors, writers with quotes on the whole series since its initial release in 1982. You’ll enjoy the information and illustrations within for years to come.

Ships End of 2022!

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