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"Tom basically made it possible for me to make some of those movies."

George A. Romero

"Tom's effects and work elevated him into sort of a marquee status."

Greg Nicotero

"You can't say horror movies without thinking of Tom Savini."

Alice Cooper

"Any movie that Tom would do the makeup on I would go see!"

Eli Roth

Special effects artist, actor, director, stunt man, teacher, mentor - all these things could easily describe the career of Tom Savini but none of them do justice in describing his influence on the horror genre. Horror classics like Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow and Day of the Dead are but the first rung on a career ladder than has spanned decades and continues to thrill genre audiences around the globe. Recent years have brought him acting acclaim with roles in films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete, Django Unchained and Grindhouse. His school of special make up FX is one of the most respected industry schools in the nation. Enclosed on these pages you will find information on all these facets of Tom's career as well a many surprises along the way.

Since 1997 has been the only official on line destination for information and interaction with horror legend Tom Savini. Originally constructed as a fan site almost 20 years ago by two horror obsessed geeks from Ohio the site has grown to become an interactive destination for horror fans around the globe. Here you will find links to information on Tom's many projects and achievements, information on his school as well as links to his official social media sites and news and photos found only here.

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